How To Get To 10% Body Fat Without Tracking Calories Or Macros

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In this video you’ll learn how to get to 10% body fat without having to track calories or macros. This is often referred to as Habit based dieting where the individual focuses on habits and the general output of the diet rather than tracking all the inputs.

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Key Points:

It’s definitely possible to get really lean and ripped without tracking calories and macros. I’ve done it myself.

The big idea is to measure the output. So you simply track your body-weight on a weekly basis and see if you’re hitting your target.

And as long as your food intake is pretty similar day to day you can make adjustments as you go to fit the weekly weight loss target.

This approach requires a high degree of mindfulness and usually the lifestyle you’d lead needs to be somewhat repetitive.

We’re very poor at estimating caloric intake. Even the most carefully conducted dietary surveys find that the average calories people think they ate were a lot under what they actually consumed.

So that brings us to the problem of how can we do this.

The solution is routines and habit based goals.

For example:
– Have a serving of protein with every meal.
– Eat 2 cups of veggies and fruits every day.
– Drink 4-5 liters of water every day.
– Get xx amount of sleep every night.
– In case I overeat I’ll eat less the next day or do a bit more activity.

These are some of the things you can do to make sure you get your Weekly output.

And you have to be really on-point with measuring your weight on a weekly basis because that’s the only tracking tool you have.

My recommendations would be first to learn how to read nutrition labels, what calories, what are macros and their roles. Once you have the knowledge and experience with some tracking using tools like MyFitnessPal it’s a lot easier to revert back to a habit based approach.

And this is something I’ve successfully done myself because I have years of tracking experience it’s not a problem for me to just estimate the portion sizes.

Even if I’m off a little bit with my estimate it’s gonna be very close and enough for me to get my results.

The key is mindfulness and knowledge. You don’t have to track every single gram of food but you do want to know what food is.

And how your meals generally contribute to your caloric intake.

Once you have a good idea of how this works you can simply revert back to an easier approach.

An interesting approach would something like intermittent tracking.

You’d track only 2 days of the week to make sure you’re hitting your targets and then for the other 5 days you just repeat the intake.

Or you can simply just track your protein and calories.

All these things are tools in the toolbox. There’s no perfect way of doing things, it’s up to you to choose whatever way is most sustainable for you to get the weekly output weight-loss.

Hope you enjoyed.

If you have questions feel free to post them in the comment below.

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Talk soon, Mario

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  1. I am in a 500-700 kcal deficit for a month now and I didnt lose weight on the scale. I can see body fat changes though. Could that mean I gained muscle mass while being in a deficit or is it water? I also take creatin 6 g a day

  2. ive never counted a calorie, instinctive eating and common sense / discipline is all it really needs. you didnt see a bunch of fat cavemen walking around with their iphones scanning the barcodes of microwave pizzas to see if they can squeeze it in to their IIFYM needs. if you need an app like this to help you out, fair enough, the fact is it is not necessary. if its clean, eat it, if its packaged shite, dont. that one little tip will take you a long way.

  3. After seeing this video, I went ahead and started using MyFitnessPal. For some strange reason, I had convinced myself that it would be far too difficult to track my food intake. Up until this point, I was using rough estimates to track what I was eating.I was making progress, but it was a lot of zigzagging along the way.Now that I am doing it, it is so obvious that this is the way to go.It takes only seconds to enter in the foods for a meal or snack.It isn’t difficult at all. In fact, it is very interesting to see the food that you ate,and to see it laid out by the calories and nutrition. It really forces you to take a second look before you decide what to feed your body.I would have arrived at my goal so much faster and more efficiently if I would have done this from the start. If anyone is considering doing this, but thinks it might be too difficult, just try it.You will not believe how easy it is. I owe you one, Mario!

  4. Well I’ve been dieting and cutting weight but it’s been hard since I don’t really know much about dieting or any of this other stuff 🙁 I’ve been working on just heavy cardio, light lifting, I’ve lost weight but it’s hard to since I’m just not liking my results

  5. up till about 35 I was super lean and muscular…after 35…it was getting harder and harder to keep that fat off but still possible…at 41…now its a struggle.

  6. Mario, when trying to lose fat weight, what ratio of macros should you shoot for? Thanks.

  7. I’ve been watching Greg o’gallaghers kinobody channel for a while and now just started watching you. You’re way better and deserve more views. Subscribed to you.

  8. Hey Mario, I am 20 years old and weigh about 64kgs at 6ft1
    in height, I have not measured my body fat but im assuming im between 14 to 16
    percent, I have been cutting properly for around 2 months and have began to see
    my abs, I have lost over 10kg of body fat (from 74kg). I have a goal weight at
    60kg (around 10 percent body fat which is a guess lol). This goal weight is to
    get me lean ready to build muscle with a good foundation. My daily food intake
    consists of 600g of meat (roughly 140g of protein) and a bunch of green veges,
    also 40g of oats with milk. I am doing low carb diet where my daily carb intake
    comes from a little bit of oats and green veges. I weight train 4 days a week
    and do 20mins of fasted cardio and situps 6 days a week. My daily routine consists
    of waking up at 8 and going gym and doing fasted cardio for 20mins and 60+
    incline situps. I then go home and eat 40g of oats with milk, I then go back to
    the gym and do 1 hour of weight training (I try make my meals based around pre
    and post workout meals. When I get home I eat 300g of chicken breast and a
    couple hand falls of green veges (it’s a stir fry, I add stirfry mix and I looked
    at macros and very low in carbs and fats, I also add about 1 tbspn of olive
    oil). I then eat tea at about 5-8pm which consists of 300 grams meat and a
    couple hand falls of green veges. I do reefed days once a week where I eat 80g
    of oats with milk for breaky, 80g of rice with lunch and a lot of potatoes and
    veges with dinner. I try and do interment fasting from 9:30am to 5-8pm. I also
    drink 3 litres of water a day. The problem is I am finding it hard to lose more
    weight. My questions are: Am I eating too much? Am I eating too much protein a
    day for my size? Should I up my cardio? I really just want to lose my lower
    abdominal fat so that once I start bulking I won’t just start to look even
    fatter. Please help me with my concerns; I really just want to finish my cut. Thank
    you for your time Mario sorry for it being so lengthy your probs a very buisy

  9. Hey bro quick question. Can I still drop fat, fasting 16hrs a day, eating a lot of carbs? Some days I would say I have 150 grams of carbs & about 80 to 90 grams of protein.

  10. Why don’t you shut the fuck up and get to it already? No need to hear you rambling for hours. Just spit it out!

  11. what’s wrong with tracking? after a while it becomes second nature isn’t OCD wanting to hit your goals and not get fat lol

  12. To tell you the truth Mario, if I do not track my intake I get messed up, and will not get sustainable results. I like to know what is going on to the best of my ability. Helen. Like the video!

  13. My only problem is drinking enough water. How do you drink so much. I understand that you have to spread it out but I don’t get thirsty throughout the day. What could I do?

  14. I’ve been this “fitness”-game for over 12 years. I’m kinda addicted to counting and weighing my foods(I do a kinda IFish approach to eating) and I’ve been doing it for so many years. but I feel it’s become a burden upon me. It really makes me feel in control and everything becomes more exact and precise , result wise. But I’m at this point in life that I don’t care about getting shredded(I’d guess I’m at 12-13% Bf but look a bit leaner due to having pretty decent amount of muscle) but I wouldn’t mind being 10% or lower again without thinking AS much about food tracking. I am thinking of slowly try to eat without tracking obsessively(not sure how I’m going to do this but still). I do need to eat even less refined sources of foods because I know from experience that those foods invite overeating much easier. I think just even maintaining my body right now with less mental stress would be ok for a while. I know I’ll probably out numbers on foods anyways but it won’t be as precise.

  15. um…after 11:24 minutes at my time …i’m still asking the question …how to get to 10% bodyfat?

  16. I have done both approaches and using a tool like my fitness pal is a far superior approach. My diet is so much more transparent. I just plug the data in the Ap and all the metrics of my macros and calories are there to see.

    Highly recommended my fitness pal

  17. honestly: most People who want it just aren’t willing to put in the time. I started tracking my calories 2 months ago. Now it takes me less then 5 minutes a day to keep track….there’s really no excuse. Especially if you’re dieting for the first time! Maybe on your 2nd or 3rd cut you will have enough experience to go with a looser approach. But not the first time around

  18. my problem with tracking is that Im training as a chef, so when I cook I like to make nice meals, to hard to type 12 ingredients into mfp eberytime I make dinner, also I dont weight out the ingredients, its all instinct

  19. hello Mario!
    thank you for this video
    since i track and cycle my carbs and calories i see results
    lost 2 kilos in 3 weeks
    182 cm 85.3 kg , 25 % bodyfat
    my goal is 15 percent
    greetings from Germany

  20. 25-12% body fat without tracking macros or calories srs. HIIT cardio training, low carb, high fat and protein that’s all you need.