How to burn stubborn chest and belly fat

Weight Loss Tip: Nutrition is seen in the types of foods we consume. Eating foods high in fiber, vitamins, mineral and a proper proportion of fat, carbohydrates, and protein is considered the proper way to eat. Avoid eating food for the sake of eating it or to feel good. This leads to over eating and gaining unwanted weight.

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  1. PT before chow for 5 days then a day with chow first then PT 2 PT sessions
    a day a m workout burns cals all day evening weights put hard mass on if
    you lift wait an hour eat rest shower down then hit the rack within an hour
    after that youll get big fast i went from 176 to 225 in less then a year
    did a rest period pf 1 month off restarted and went to 252 9 pct bodyfat
    font just eat like a goon eat clean time your meals but the empty stomach
    pt session is the best for slagging that fat layer off

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  3. i love listening to books while walking or doing regular pace cardio shit
    at the gym next thing you know it you spent more time on the bike or like
    me wanted to keep walking more cuz the book was getting more interesting
    lol. It helps a lot just gotta find the good books.

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  5. I been doing alot of Intense training but I just can’t get a flat surface
    belly. I eat 4-5 times a day but very sized portions meals. I drink green
    tea and plenty of water daily. I seen to get fit everywhere else except my
    waistline. I don’t drink soda,diet soda,or artificial sweeteners drinks. I
    stop eating,anything that’s white salt flour,sugar,bread,dairy … I eat 90
    percent vegetable and 10 percent fruits. ELLIOT WHAT SHOULD I DO..!!!!

  6. “How to burn chest and belly fat” = you can’t target it. But overall, if
    you lose weight overall then eventually it will come off :)

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  9. Fuck man! Started working out 1.5 months ago. You’re the realest buff dude
    I’ve seen on YT!


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  11. Kick your own ass and exclude candy, junk food, all that. Don’t eat till
    you’re not hungry anymore. Stay a little hungry and focus on that. That way
    you’ll lose fat