Food Wisdom: How To Avoid GMOs And Toxic Herbicides (video)

Weight Loss Tip: Nutrition for pregnant and lactating women is a top priority. One of the needs of a pregnant woman is to get enough protein; unfortunately this often comes at a time when she may not feel like eating. One great way to make sure those protein needs are met is to blend egg whites into a morning smoothie. At 3 grams of protein per egg white, only 15 calories, and no fat, eggs make an excellent protein for pregnant women. To avoid health issues, pasteurized eggs would be recommended.

This may seem like a simple question for our long-time readers, but many new readers are asking, “How do I avoid GMOs?” It’s not just the GMOs themselves, of course, that people wish to avoid. It’s also the toxic, cancer-causing herbicide known as glyphosate that frequently saturates both genetically engineered crops and non-GMO crops alike. Glyphosate was recently added to California’s Prop 65 list of known cancer-causing chemicals. Learn more at Organics.news.




  1. KILL MONSANTO. EPA is a bullshit compromised company. Utterly destroy them. PEOPLE MUST RISE UP. Damn useless americans.

  2. GMOs have a five-digit product code starting with 8 (as in 8 – – – -).
    Organic produce have a five-digit product code starting with 9 (as in 9 – – – -).
    Or grow your own garden — or always buy organic products, unless they’re from countries like China.

  3. I am interested in the Hawaiian Spirulina in the health ranger store. But I don’t know if it is contaminated with radiation.

  4. There is no way of knowing for sure what we are buying, unless you have a lab and the know how to sample everything we consume. Otherwise it is impossible to know exactly what we are eating is not poisoned. There is so much lying going on these days, in the name of the dollar.

  5. Buy Demeter (biodynamic). It’s beyond organic and the way things were meant to be grown. Even in organic farming many pestiticides are allowed. In biodynamic, only things like ash + water and other natural byproducts.