Fitness Monitors : Body Fat Monitor Demonstration

Weight Loss Tip: When you are trying to lose weight, make sure you get plenty of fresh air. Plenty of oxygen will help boost your metabolism and give you more energy. You may find that after you spend more time outdoors, even just reading on a bench in a park, you have the motivation and energy to exercise more.

A body fat monitor is used to measure your body fat percentage and often your BMI as well. Learn how to use a body fat monitor with health tips from a fitness instructor in this free fitness monitor video.

Expert: ShaNay Norvell
Contact: www.shanaynorvell.com
Bio: ShaNay Norvell, a top personal trainer and fitness competitor based in Atlanta, GA, uses her positive energy and natural motivation skills to help take clients to their next level of fitness.
Filmmaker: Nicole Bentley




  1. Electricity always finds the shortest path to the ground. Therefore it
    would go through your entire body to the ground..

  2. shortest path to close the circuit* one of the handles is the plus pole,
    the other one the negative .. so the elec. flows from your left to right
    arm (or the other way around)

  3. body mass index.. does it measure body fat alone. whats this 22.10 bmi.. my
    body fat was at 13.. can any one tell me if this monitor has an option for

  4. “Lots of muscle mass there”, Thanks for reassuring us that it’s mostly
    muscle mass. I love insecurities. 

  5. If she really wanted to reassure herself and boost her insecurities, she
    can measure herself as a male and her BF% will drop about 8.5%. The
    difference between Normal and Athlete is about 5% less for males and 5.5%
    for females. 

  6. It is poss­ible to lo­se 1­0 p­ounds na­turally in t­wo weeks, wit­hout
    bat­tl­ing with food cravings

  7. Are these more accurate than the foot-scales that analyze body-fat? I’m
    curious because at my gym the hand model tells me I’m around 16% body-fat,
    while the scale at my house says I’m around 25%, which is a huge

  8. the trainer in my gym had my thumbs pointed up when he measured my bf
    percentage using this similar device..

  9. this is trash you know you can just use an online bmi calculator right note
    bmi scale was never mean to be used as a real health tool look it up