Fitness Monitors : Body Fat Caliper Demonstration

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Body fat calipers are an easy way to measure body fat percentage. Learn how to use body fat calipers with health tips from a fitness instructor in this free fitness monitor video.

Expert: ShaNay Norvell
Contact: www.shanaynorvell.com
Bio: ShaNay Norvell, a top personal trainer and fitness competitor based in Atlanta, GA, uses her positive energy and natural motivation skills to help take clients to their next level of fitness.
Filmmaker: Nicole Bentley




  1. what if you lean backwards and the thing can’t grab your skin?? seems like
    a stupid way to measure fat

  2. He demonstrates for chest so we know how to pinch the skin, and then he
    shows all the rest of the areas where u pinch.

  3. She can’t read, that is 4mm not 1/10th. Which makes her 15.4% body fat if
    I can read the 108p video, which is still crazy low for a girl.

  4. I need one of those, it’d be useful – tho at first I know it’ll give me a
    high reading, but I guess you gotta start somewhere.

  5. OK first off she looks AMAZING, and thank you I have this one and the
    Instructions were confusing.

  6. Thank you, that was helpful. However I have seen other videos which state
    that measurement should be vertical. Can you comment on that? I can only
    manage to get a measurement at a diagonal or like you did, horizontally.

  7. It’s the most accurate, practical, and east method to estimate your body
    fat percentage
    more accurate than Bio-Electric Impedance Analysis (Omron) and less acurate
    but more practical than Underwater Weighing

  8. Short and simple video. I have had this for years but never use it. I have
    always thought it was a useless piece of garbage. An article on fat loss
    brought me here so maybe I will start using it.