Exercise Anatomy: Shoulders Workout | Pietro Boselli

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In this video I will show 6 different exercises that target the shoulders, highlighting the muscles involved, the correct technique and also some quick tips on how to get the maximum out of them.

Please note that this is not a workout routine; I will discuss a workout routine in another series.

1. Shoulder Press
2. Behind the Neck Shoulder Press
3. Upright Rows
4. Lateral Raises
5. Front Raises
6. Bent Over Raises

Filmed, edited, and VFX by
Fahdi Kanavati

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Thanks to
Shaun Stafford and City Athletic




  1. The video of the muscle movements and the key excercises is why I come here. The sets and reps are mild. I guess to fit everyone. So incorporate each video into a day where I go to failure on each set. Results are astonishing

  2. If i trained my triceps the other day how am i supposed to train my shoulders if alot if these also use triceps