Bod Pod: Measuring Body Composition (Body Fat) At The Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory

Weight Loss Tip: Eating less fat will result in weight loss. On average, Americans consume way to many grams of fat per day. We should only be consuming around 30% of our calories from fat, which is not that much. When eating fats, it is best to make sure they are in a nutritional form, such as an avocado. Don't eliminate fat completely to lose weight, but do keep how much your are eating to a minimum.

Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory –

The Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory at UVA uses the Bod Pod to determine the amount of fat in your body, relative to your size (body composition). The lab offers additional fitness assessments and exercise tests to community members, determining things like maximal oxygen consumption, lactate threshold, resting metabolic rate and more. The lab helps both serious athletes and beginners establish baselines and devise exercise plans to set and achieve realistic fitness goals.





  1. I had my body fat tested at UVA Spring of 2012. I am 5″6″ and weighed around 130 pounds. MY body fat was 38%!!! Obese. I did Crossfit and ate healthy so completely freaked out! Judy Weltman (who performed the Bodbod testing) was wonderful but baffled as well. After a year of searching WHY I had a normal BMI but obese, I found a homeopathic doctor tell me why. I had heavy metal poisoning and my fat cells were protecting me from the toxins causing my cells to be inflamed. Anyway, I followed the homeopathic doctors system and saw immediate changes.  I still weigh the same but much thinner through the waist where the fat had accumulated. I can tell you how I did it if you send me your info. Toxins are everywhere and they are making people (even thin people) have too much visceral fat.

  2. I had mine done recently and my weight is 181 pounds but on the digital scale I was weighting 200 pounds so which is more accurate. Also it had me 36 percent body fat which is considered obese but when I had my fat percentage done at the gym they had me at 26 percent body fat.

  3. Much talk about air being trapped. Does the body hair not matter (maybe more than on the head)?