Amazing Butt, Leg And Thigh Workout To Burn Fat

Weight Loss Tip: Decide what you are going to have to eat at the restaurant before leaving the house. If you know that you are going to get the chicken with the low calorie dinner salad before you arrive, you are much less likely to peruse the menu for decadent choices that will sabotage your diet.

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This fat burning workout can be done 3X per week.
Do 10 of each, then 9, then 8…all the way to 1

Find a weight that is challenging
Rest as little as possible between exercises and sets

This killer butt, thigh, and leg workout does contain some exercises that are harder on the knees, so if you have some knee problems be sure to modify the exercises.

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  1. I’m 14 tried this 4x a week for a month and have always eaten extremely healthy and there seems to not have done anything what so ever, I do MMA twice a week as well however I have always suffered from a slow metabolism, any suggestions?

  2. does anyone know any workouts that will help me get my ass and hips smaller and slimmer? cuz used to do squats and lunges almost everyday and it only seemed to make them bigger. and now i know to avoid them. i need some advice on this.

  3. do someone have proof of squats and deadlift reducing buttocks? ????
    where upto i know these ex widely used for extension incresing of size not for shrinking

  4. thanks Very much. this video helped alot but how many rounds we need to do it … and why did u do 9 in the 2nd round ?

  5. Hey …how many hours a day should i workout to reduce my butt…? And for how many months it takes?

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