7% Body Fat Diet | Full Day Of Eating | 6 Meals and ZERO Supplements

Weight Loss Tip: Be imaginative and clever with high-nutrition foods that you know your child doesn't like. You can do this by mixing and matching them with other foods that you know they love, or topping them in a way that is visually pleasing and/or tasty.

Today I will show you a diet that I follow to keep my body fat at around 7-8% all year round without using any supplements! The secret to get an amazing physique is “macronutrient” control. I always calculate my food and I know exactly what I am eating at the correct time of the day. Keep in mind guys that everybody is different and requires a different diet and training program in able to get some real results. If you follow my diet you will probably get fat! This is a 3500 calories diet that helps me to maintain my weight and maybe gain 0.5kg – 1kg of muscle per Year! YES! PER YEAR! That is because I am doing everything naturally and I almost reached my maximum genetic potential. At least I still keep gaining 0.5kg per year which I am very happy with it. I highly suggest to anyone to find out what foods and what macros your body needs! I will tell you in a bit how to do it. This is the only way to achieve your fitness goals either for muscle building or fat loss. If you want help with a customised diet plan, customised training program and 24/7 chat support with me, I recommend you to visit my website and sign up for my online personal training service right here http://www.xeniosfitness.com/online-personal-training

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  1. How do you eat so many calories at that bodyfat? Do you do cardio or are
    very active? I am 5’10 156lbs and eat 2850 per day to keep my 10% bodyfat

  2. a bit odd to lose body fat by 6 meals a day and the food … now I hope
    you’re right Xenios

  3. Today I stocked with food and I have to try your diet, if you go get a
    picture on facebook and you advertise :))

  4. Tomorrow starts March 18 and hold until May 18 to see what differences
    occur if the job goes I agree to do my pictures and you advertise

  5. If i hold this for 9 months and workout 5 days 2 days rest, can i atleast
    get a good body!

  6. μπραβο φιλε μ, σε παω πολυ κ σ επαρακολουθω!! keep walking ;)

  7. Im a high school student i think its impossible to reach 6-7% body fat
    because i dont have the time and money to do all this please help :(

  8. You said that supplements are not important to get a good physique. But in
    of your latest videos (Day after a Cheat Meal) you have Ultra Whey Protein.
    Why is that?

  9. Just a quck shout out to you. Great Channel and amazing content with
    valuable information. Thank you so much for sharing your tips on youtube
    are helping me a great deal. Thank you, man :).

  10. liked the video , can you do a video for cutting , and i struggling to
    reduce my back fat , what are the possible reasons , how muany cups of
    black coffee can i take in a day