5-Minute Standing Flat-Belly Workout | Class FitSugar

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Katie Dunlop, creator of Love Sweat Fitness, shares her favorite moves to work her abs while standing.

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  1. I’m 14 and I weigh 237 and I’m 5’5 and most of my weight is in my thighs . how much weight should I be for my age and height ?

  2. This done absolutely nothing to my and I didn’t feel anything in that region what so ever. Only my legs.

  3. i’m very bad at exercising. i can’t do the posture or form right. it get’s very complex very quickly and it’s very frustrating.

  4. Katie is my fav trainer, been watching her for 2 days now. Really got me feeling good these past few days. Just studied and finished homework. Realized im more motivated and get things done after a good workout. Really got my heart going before bed awesome video! #goodthingshappentothosewhosweat

  5. Wow this 5 mins workout was good ! I didn’t have time to do a 20 Min one but this 5 Min One did trick

  6. great vid! 🙂 i have bulkier shoulder which look less feminine…any way tho get rid of that bulk and achieve feminine shoulders? Thanks! 🙂