14 WEIRD Weight Loss Hacks That Actually Work!

Weight Loss Tip: If you are trying to introduce new and nutritious foods to a toddler, it would be a good idea for you to not be discouraged if they refuse too eat it. Introduce it to them again since it has been shown that it takes quite a few tries to get toddlers to open up to new things.

I decided to test out WEIRD weight loss hacks to get summer ready! All these weird hacks actually work! Share the video to spread weirdness to the world & thumbs up for more hack videos!

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3-in-1 Hacks/Trends/DIY Collaboration BTS ∞ #LifestyleGoals Ep 2

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  1. I always eat messy food like chips and pizza with my left so when I want to
    do something like write and stuff, I have my clean dominant hand ;)

  2. to feel better about myself I put complements on my mirror every day and
    read them every day. the more complements the more I true I get so girls
    and boys don’t be so hard on yourself you make a difference in the world .
    don’t let anyone take your sunshine