10 Ways To Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting Or Going To The Gym

Weight Loss Tip: Try to stay positive about losing weight. This can be the most important factor in whether you lose weight or not. Believe that what you are doing is working, and start seeing yourself as slender and in shape. If you hold that vision in your mind, it's only a matter of time before you see it.

Yes, you can lose weight fast without dieting or going to the gym. You have to treat your body better. More info:

When you work in harmony with your body – giving it the care it needs and deserves – you ease the load you’re placing on your hormonal systems (and more). That paves the way for weight loss, and, importantly, generally feeling better.

Some tips I’ve outlined in this video:
• Reduce stress
• Get enough sleep
• Avoid too much cardio exercise
• Eat protein
• Heal your gut
• Drink apple cider vinegar before meals,
• Contract your muscles before you eat (studies show it works!)
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  2. If I’m trying to avoid things that come in a box what are some quick things I can eat in the morning to get those 20grams of protein? I’m not a huge fan of shakes. Are protein bars ok?

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